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بيت الدانة

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Bayt Al Dana

المطبخ المُفضل

أطعمة مطبخ بلاد الشام لُعشاق الطعام

تناول الطعام

تناول الطعام في بيت الدانة

يُقدم مطعم بيت الدانة تجربة طعام دافئة وفريدة من نوعها تمامًا. بقيادة رئيس الطهاة التنفيذي - محمد كاملة. يُقدم بيت الدانة مزيج كلاسيكي ومُعاصر معًا في طبق واحد من مأكولات بلاد الشام التي تتوافق مع رؤية فريق الطهاة لدينا.

يفتح مطعم بيت الدانة أبوابه لتقديم وجبتي الغداء والعشاء ويتميز بسحر العالم التقليدي في تصميم داخلي أثري ممزوجًا بأثاث عصري فاخر. عش تجربة استثنائية واستمتع بتجربة فعلية في بيت الدانة، نحن نُرحب بكم لزيارتنا وتذوق أطعمة بيت الدانة.


استكشف قائمتنا


  • Foul NabitQR 18

Boiled Fava Beans, Cumin Powder, Dash Of Lemon, Vegetables, Served With Fresh Bread.

  • BalilaQR 18

Boiled Chickpeas, Cumin Powder, Dash of Lemon, Vegetables, Served with Fresh Bread.

  • Foul MudammasQR 18

Slow Cooked Fava Beans Served, Served with Condiments, Vegetables and Fresh Bread.

  • Mix Cheese PlatterQR 45

Arabic Cheese Selection, Vegetables, Served with Fresh Bread

Starters & Salads

  • LabnehQR 18

Labneh, Fresh Mint, Dressed with Olive Oil and Green Olive

  • BalaleetQR 18

Noodles Cooked, Sugar, Cinnamon,Saffron, Cardamom, Garnished with a Fresh Omelet.

  • Eggs As You LikeQR 35

Your Choice from the Egg’s Selection Sunny Side, Scrambled Eggs, Choice of Meat, Sujok or Awarma Eggs & Vegetable Shakshuka.

From the Oven

  • Manakeesh ZaatarQR 20

Oven Baked Pie, Olive Oil & Dry Thyme.

  • Manakeesh Zaatar, LabnehQR 20

Oven Baked Pie, Labneh & Dry Thyme.

  • Manakeesh JibnahQR 32

Oven Baked Pie, Mixed with White Cheese, Fresh Parsley and Sesame Seeds.

  • Manakeesh SpinachQR 20

Oven Baked Pie, Fresh Spinach Onions & Sumac

Middle Eastern Oven Baked Pies Served with Vegetable Platter.

  • Manakeesh MahamarrahQR 20

Oven Baked Pie, Mixed with Red Onion, Tomato, Chili Paste, Olive Oil.

  • Sfeyha LahmehQR 20

Oven Baked Pie With Blended Mincemeat,Pine Seeds,Pomegranate Molasses

  • Manakeesh KoftaQR 36

Oven Baked Pie, Blended Kofta, Fresh Vegetables, Pomegranate Molasses.

Cold Mezza

  • Fresh Vegetable PlatterQR 16

Daily Picked Fresh Vegetables

  • HummusQR 22

Blended Chickpeas, Tahina, Drizzled with Lemon and Olive Oil.

  • Hummus AwarmaQR 30

Blended Chickpeas, Braised Minced Lamb.

  • Hummus, Meat & Pine NutsQR 30

Blended Chickpeas, Lamb Cuts and Pine Seeds.

  • MutableQR 20

Homemade Smoked Eggplant With Tahina And Lemon.

  • Vine Leaves In OilQR 20

Homemade Rolls,Levant Mix,Lemon, Pomegranate Dressing.

Homemade Cold Starter Prepared with Fresh Ingredients.

  • Baba GhanoushQR 20

Homemade Smoked Eggplant, Fresh Vegetables.

  • Horaa OsbaoQR 20

Slow Cooked Lentil,Pomegranate Molasses Topped With Olive Oil And Crispy Golden Fried Dough.

  • Marinated Halloumi CheeseQR 20

Greek Halloumi Marinated in Olive Oil and Fresh Herbs.

  • Lobia Bil ZaitQR 20

Fresh Green Lobia Cooked in Olive Oil and Garnished with Fresh Coriander.

  • Hendbah Bil ZaitQR 24

Fresh Green Dandelion Leaves Cooked in Olive Oil and Drizzled with Lemon.

  • Muhammara JozQR 24

Walnuts Mixed with Chili Paste & Pomegranate Molasses Topped with Olive Oil.

Hot Mezza

  • NaknekQR 34

Homemade Blended Mixture of Meat, Vegetables Mixed and Secret Spices.

  • SujokQR 34

Spicy Sausages Blended with Garlic and Tomato.

  • Lamb Cubs (Ras Asfor)QR 34

Hand-Cut Lamb Slowly Cooked and Garnished with Pomegranate & Sour Cherry.

  • Chicken PestoQR 34

Chicken Breast Cuts Sautéed and Blended with Fresh Basil Pesto and Olive Oil.

  • Chicken LiverQR 34

Fresh Chicken Liver Sautéed, Pomegranate Sauce.

  • Shrimps ProvencalQR 60

Shrimps Cooked Slightly, Sautéed Garlic Mixed with Fresh Herbs and Tomato Concasse.

  • Calamari ProvencalQR 42

Fresh Calamari Rings Garnished with Sautéed Basil, Garlic and Tomato Concasse.

Sizzling Your Table, Hot Mezza from our Fresh Finest Ingredients.

  • Crispy Fried Chicken WingsQR 30

Crispy Fried Chicken Wing Toasted with Lemon and Garlic.

  • Al Dana FalafelQR 24

Crispy Chickpea Special Recipe Falafel Served with Tahina Dip & Pickles.

  • Fried Meat KibbehQR 24

Minced Lamb with Middle Eastern Spices Served as Patties.

  • Potatoes ProvencalQR 24

Crispy, Cut Potato Cubes Sautéed with Garlic & Lemon.

  • Cheese Roll-RokakatQR 24

Golden Fry Filo Pastry Filled with Arabic Creamy Cheese & Chopped Parsley.

  • Fatteh LabanQR 24

Crispy Bread with Yogurt Mixed with Lemon, Garlic, Served with Cuts of Fresh Lamb or Shrimps.


  • TabboulehQR 28

Super Fresh Parsley, Bulgur, Mixed, Tomato, Red Onion.

  • FattouchQR 28

A Traditional Levantine Fresh Salad, Crispy Pita Bread Served, Lemon, Pomegranate Dressing.

  • Rocca, ThymeQR 28

A Tangy Tasty Salad Made with Crispy, Fresh Rocca & Thyme Mixed with Diced Onion Seasoned with Lemon and Olive Oil.

It Takes Four Men to Dress a Salad. A Wise Man for the Salt, A Madman for the Pepper, A Miser for the Vinegar, A Spendthrift for the Oil.

  • Beetroot & Feta CheeseQR 28

Contrasting Flavors from Fresh Beet, Toasted Greek Feta, Cilantro, Lemon and Olive Oil.

  • Zaalouk SaladQR 28

Moroccan Style Cooked Eggplant, Tomato & Olive Oil.

  • Laban, CucumberQR 20

Thick Yogurt, Cucumber, Dry Mint.

From the Grill

  • Grilled Lamb ChopsQR 70

3 Lamb Chops Marinated, Garlic, Olive Oil.

  • Grilled Lamb SkewersQR 70

2 Skewers Lamb Loin Seasoned In Crushed Black Pepper, Olive Oil.

  • Grilled Shish TawookQR 55

Skewers Minced Lamb Mixed, Parsley, Onion, Garlic,Slight Fresh Chili.

  • Grilled Kabbab, EggplantsQR 55

3 Skewers of Kabbab, Baby Eggplant.

Grilling Means Good Times, Good Friends, Hopefully, Great Food.

  • Arays Al Dana Bil SajQR 55

Fresh Saj Filled with Mixture of Minced Lamb, Vegetables Served with Pomegranate Sauce, Pine Seeds.

  • Mix GrilledQR 70

Selection of Skewers, Grilled Tomato, Onion.

  • Grilled Half ChickenQR 45

Marinated Boneless Chicken Served with Fresh Fries and Garlic Mayo.

Qatari Traditional Food

Qatari Cuisine Made With Local Ingredients

  • Qatari Lamb MashbosQR 65

Prepared with Great Care with Fresh Lamb, Tasteful Rice and Served with Daqoos.

  • Hammour Mashwai, RiceQR 110

Marinated Grilled Hammour Served on Rice, Chili, Tomato Sauce.

  • MarqouqQR 50

Hearty Qatari Stew of Lamb, Vegetables, Served with Whole-Wheat Flat Bread.

  • MadroubaQR 50

Madrouba Is a Savory Dish Made with Rice Mixed with Lamb and Vegetables.

Sawani Bl Foren

Oven Style Cooked Food in Clay Pots,Trays.

  • Kofta Bil SanayahQR 65

Mincemeat Flatted in Try Cooked In Oven, Slices of Potatoes, Tomatoes Topped With a Light Tomato Sauce.

  • Chicken Potato Bil SanayahQR 45

Chicken, Potatoes Baked in an Oven with Lemon Garlic and Fresh Coriander.

  • Samak Bil SanayahQR 45

Fish Fillet Coated in Tahina Dip Oven Baked and Topped with Fried Onions and Pine Seeds.

Arabic Dishes

Cooking in Style from Traditional Old Days Recipes

  • Seyadiya SamakQR 65

Flavorful Fish, Rice, Crunchy Fried Onion, Sour Baqdonsiah Dip.

  • Smoked Freekeh, Lamb ShankQR 65

Green Wheat Topped, Draised Lamb Served with Yogurt and Cucumber Salad.

  • Royal CouscousQR 65

Traditional Dish Made from Chicken / Shrimps Couscous Topped Root Vegetables and Boiled Chickpeas.

  • Kibbeh Bil LabanQR 65

Fried Kibbeh Added to Yogurt Stew, Fresh Mint Sauteed in Ghee.


Selection of Moroccan Tajines Cooked by the Specialty Chef.

  • Chicken TajineQR 55

Chicken Cooked with Moroccan Saffron and Served with Lemon Pickle.

  • Lamb TagineQR 80

Lamb Cubes Braised with Cumin and Served with Sugary Dry Plums.

  • Shrimp TagineQR 85

Jumbo Shrimp Cooked with Saffron, Basil and Garlic, Garnished with Olive Oil.


  • Muhallabeh, Jalap SyrupQR 22

Milk Pudding Served, Jalap Syrup.

  • Kunafa Bil AshtaQR 22

Angel Hair Topped with Ashta Cream and Sugar Syrup Ghazal Al Banat.

  • Ghazal Al Banat, Arabic Ice CreamQR 22

Arabic Cotton Topped with Arabic Ice Cream Garnished with Crushed Pistachio Qatari Dates Pudding.

  • Qatari Dates Pudding, Saffron, CardamomQR 22

Dates Pudding Made from Local Dates Infused with Cardamom & Saffron Flavors.

Selection of Authentic Arabian Desserts

  • Oven Baked Umm AliQR 30

Arabic Version of Bread Pudding Baked in Oved, Raisins, Cinnamon Power Arabic Ice Cream.

  • Arabic Ice Cream, Crushed NutsQR 40

Flavorful Vanilla Ice Cream Served with Crushed Pistachio.

  • Fresh Fruits PlatterQR 30

Selection of Seasonal Fresh Fruit.

  • Arabic Sweet PlaterQR 30

Gourmet Platter of Fine Arabic Sweets.


مطعم بيت الدانة

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